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The office shredder machine in Singapore is an important part of any well-functioning office. It is a nifty piece of equipment that allows you to stay organised whilst destroying confidential documents with ease. Moreover, with environmentalism high on the agenda of many companies today, having a paper shredder in Singapore will help these companies better manage their paper waste. If you’re deciding on the right paper shredder for your office, here are some key considerations to keep in mind.

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Paper Size

Paper Size-office shredder machine in Singapore

The size of the paper your office typically uses is a key factor in helping you choose the right office shredder machine in Singapore. You’ll first need to be familiar with the kind of paper your office often shreds. Most companies use letter-size paper for private information and are therefore using a paper shredder in Singapore. However, extra-wide square papers are also commonly used for tax documents and pay stubs, and while you can probably fold them in half to fit the letter-size shredder, you won’t be able to shred as many sheets in one go. Knowing what kinds of paper your office shreds the most will help you choose an appropriately sized paper shredder.

Load Capacity

Load Capacity-paper shredder in Singapore

Load size is another important factor when you’re deciding on a paper shredder in Singapore — it all depends on how much shredding you’re doing. For instance, if you’re only shredding small rolls of paper, like 20 sheets a month or so, then you don’t need much. However, anything more than a few sheets and you might want a shredder that can handle a medium-sized paper load. As a general rule of thumb, get a personal shredder for a single user; a small shredder for up to 5 users; an average office shredder machine in Singapore for up to 10 people; and a commercial shredder for anything more.

Strip Cut/Cross Cut/Micro Cut

Strip Cut Cross Cut Micro Cut Paper shredders in Singapore

Source: Businesses are turning to shredding companies to help them destroy incriminating documents | The Independent | The Independent

Paper shredders in Singapore come with different cutting/shredding options depending on the security level of the documents that are being shredded. Strip shredders are the most common of them all and can be found in almost any setting, from homes to schools. These shredders turn paper into spaghetti-like strips and work well for junk mail and other kinds of unimportant documents. However, paper shredded by strip shredders can be easily reassembled, so if you have confidential documents to shred, consider using a cross-cut office shredding machine in Singapore instead. These machines shred your documents into tiny pieces that are almost impossible to put back together, making them ideal for bank statements, health records, personal information, and so on. Micro-cut shredders are the more extreme variant of cross-cut shredders as they further reduce paper into tinier fragments. 

Noise Level

Noise Level-paper shredder in Singapore

It’s important to keep the noise level inside an office low to maximise productivity and minimise distractions. Unfortunately, most shredders are noisy, and the best alternative is to find one that isn’t as loud. However, if you’re willing to invest a little extra money, you might be able to find a high-end paper shredder in Singapore that comes with silent operation. Conversely, you could also do your research on Youtube or other platforms that provide consolidated information about the decibel levels of each shredder so you can choose the quietest one without compromising on paper and load size, and security level.

Additional Features

Additional Features-office shredder machine in Singapore

In the spirit of maximising machinery and taking advantage of modern, innovative technology to have various features made available to the office, you may want to choose an office shredder machine in Singapore that functions more than just a shredder. For instance, some shredders now come with credit card shredding for plastic, paper clips, and heavy cards; anti-tamper technology that keeps the feed tray clear; and pull-out bins to make cleaning shredded paper much easier. 

Another consideration that is important for companies looking to save up on energy expenditure is the power-saving feature. Office appliances in large quantities require a significant amount of energy to operate, so having a paper shredder in Singapore that comes with a power-saving feature can help you drastically reduce the amount of energy consumed by the shredder as 80% of it is generated during use.

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