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Safety and security are important when it comes to managing sensitive information. Even small quantities of business documents must be safely destroyed with office paper shredders. This will prevent data breaches, declutter and free up office space, as well as increase your workers’ efficiency.


Benefits of Shredding Your Documents With Office Paper Shredders

  1. Prevent data breaches: Your day-to-day office activities can generate large amounts of information. Throwing the hardcopy documents into the trash is not safe as these confidential documents like credit card receipts, tax documents, and signed documents are potential sources for data misuse. Shredding these documents with a paper shredder machine will give you a better peace of mind.
  2. Declutter and free up office space: When handling important hardcopy documents, they have to be tracked and filed away safely under lock and key. However, these documents will slowly accumulate and add up over time. Shredding the unnecessary documents eliminates clutter and frees up space in the file cabinets. Other newer documents can then be kept inside.
  3. Increase efficiency: With an office shredder, workers will no longer have to manually shred the documents by hand which reduces the room for human error. For example, a worker may accidentally leave behind sensitive information that can still be seen. However, with a paper shredder machine, the paper is cut vertically (strips) or cut in both directions (chips), which omits the sensitive information immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions about Paper Shredders

  1. How to clear a paper jam?

Sometimes, your office paper shredder may be jammed. To clear a paper jam, continuously reverse and forward the paper until it is cleared through.

  1. How to maintain my office paper shredder?

Shredding excessive amounts of paper may wear out the motor. If you have a lot of documents to be shredded, get a higher-end shredder machine that is rated for continuous use. To maintain the machine, the cutting head of the paper shredder machine must be lubricated regularly with lubrication oil specially made for shredders to ensure a smooth operation.

  1. What type of paper shredder machine offers higher security?

All shredder machines can safely destroy sensitive information but the detailedness of the cuts differs. Shredder machines that cut the paper in both directions into chips offer higher security for important documents but operate at a slower speed. On the other hand, straight-cut shredder machines that cut the paper vertically into strips have lower security but operate at a faster speed.

Best Paper Shredder in Singapore

At Neosys, we have over two decades of experience supplying high-quality office paper shredders to small and large organisations in Singapore and across Southeast Asia. Get document security right at your desk with our office shredders. 

Check out our wide range of paper shredder machines suitable for office use today.

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