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Nothing is more important than the air you breathe. This is the central topic, especially in a lung specialist practice. In the joint pneumology practice of Drs. Ammenwerth, Walther & Hauptmeier in the centre of Bochum, everything revolves around pulmonary and bronchial medicine, allergology, as well as sleep and sports medicine. 11 IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers have been in use in various practice areas for a long time and ensure clean air. Dr Med. Wilhelm Ammenwerth explains the decisive influence this investment has in everyday practice.

The lung specialist practice decided to purchase IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers “Made in Germany” and have been using them every day since October 2020. With a practical focus on the field of allergology, lung specialists need to prevent these problems from being triggered in their practice. In addition, especially in times of the pandemic, it was important to equip the various practice areas with effective and professional air purifiers to protect patients and themselves from viruses, bacteria and aerosols.

This also applied to other suspended matter in the room air that can make you sick: fine dust particles make it through the nose to the respiratory tract and the lungs, in the worst-case via the bloodstream even into the organs. Possible consequences: headache, tiredness, poor concentration and respiratory diseases. Fine dust pollution promotes cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer and tumours and also increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The smaller the particles, the deeper they get into the lungs.

Dr Med. Wilhelm Ammenwerth (specialist in internal medicine, pulmonology, allergology, sleep and sports medicine): “That is why we decided to purchase air purifiers. Our specialist office dealer, Jörg Metzner Kopier- und Telefaxsysteme eK in Herne, gave us comprehensive advice on this. The choice fell on an IDEAL AP80 PRO for the reception/counter area, three IDEAL AP40 PRO devices are used in the various waiting areas, in the treatment rooms, in addition to an IDEAL AP40 PRO, three IDEAL AP60 PROs also ensure air hygiene and our offices three internists were each equipped with an IDEAL AP30 PRO. Thanks to the optimal placement of the air purifiers, we have covered all essential areas of our practice. “

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Highly effective IDEAL filter technology with outstanding cleaning
performance All of these IDEAL high-performance air purifiers impress with top values ​​for air throughput and cleaning performance. The built-in, multi-stage IDEAL 360 ° smart filters have a particularly high separation efficiency. Because the cartridge design ensures effective use of the entire filter surface and the airflow also optimally captures particles that are further away in the room. The highly effective IDEAL 360 ° smart filters filter 99.99% of all particles (at 0.2 micrometres), aerosols, pollutants, pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, but also gases and molecules from the room air.

The five highly efficient, multi-stage filter layers (prefilter grille, prefilter layer, HEPA microfiber layer, activated carbon layer and cover layer) in the IDEAL air purifiers absorb everything: smaller and larger particles, gases and molecules. Even MPPS (“Most Penetrating Particle Size”), the most difficult particles to separate with a size of only 0.1 to 0.3 micrometres, are reliably filtered out of the indoor air. These respirable and ultrafine particles are the most difficult to separate and can cause illness. To prevent this, all IDEAL air purifiers are in use every day between 5 and 10 hours in the joint internal practice.

Dr Med. Ammenwerth: “Highly effective HEPA filter systems in all IDEAL air purifiers used in our practice remove respirable particles such as fine dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses from the room air extremely reliably. This ensures clean air to breathe – everywhere in our practice. “

As experts in the specialist field of pneumology, the team at the specialist practice is very familiar with all examinations and treatments for lung and bronchial problems. The specialists from Bochum look after patients with acute and chronic respiratory and lung diseases daily. In the event of symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing or chest pain, the doctors carry out the necessary diagnostics in their practice and, if necessary, initiate the appropriate therapy.

Dr Med. Ammenwerth: “The IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers convince us for many reasons. For me, three criteria are particularly crucial: The devices are powerful, effective and quiet. Since the air purifiers have been in permanent (permanent) use in the various areas of our practice, our patients, as well as our employees and our doctors ourselves, feel very comfortable and safe. The difference and the positive development of our indoor air can be felt very clearly! “

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IDEAL air purifiers also help with allergies IDEAL air purifiers also help with allergy
symptoms and ensure improved breathing air. This is also evidenced by the fact that the AP PRO models have been awarded the ECARF seal of quality for their high level of allergy-friendliness and their certification for the medical sector. The high-performance models guarantee efficient air purification – and this with low noise emissions and low energy consumption at the same time.

“Especially during the pollen season, which affects both us doctors and several of our employees, the IDEAL air purifiers do a very good job and help to purify our indoor air and calm down the symptoms. This is very important for our patients, many of whom suffer from allergies. Because one of our focal points is the search for potentially triggering allergens and the development of a successful therapy concept for allergy-associated complaints. With the air purifiers, we can contribute to significantly better well-being during our stay in our practice. ”

Extremely smooth running – high user-friendliness – durable design
Many comfortable equipment features, excellent workmanship, quality components and materials from well-known, mostly German manufacturers confirm the well-known high IDEAL standards of functionality and quality. It can be operated directly on the air purifier itself or conveniently using a remote control. The intelligent sensor technology in the IDEAL AP PRO models monitors and controls the air quality in the room and thus guarantees permanently clean air – easily and conveniently via the associated smartphone app. In addition, with the IDEAL AS10, an indoor air sensor is available, which determines and displays the composition of the air as well as the indoor climate and possible environmental influences in real-time. All values ​​are also displayed via the “IDEAL AIR PRO” app.

Dr Med. Ammenwerth takes stock:
“I find the very good, high-quality workmanship of the devices as well as their appealing design, which integrates very nicely into our open, modern practice rooms, particularly positive. Thanks to their whisper-quiet operation, the air purifiers are inconspicuous and do not represent a disturbing source of noise in day-to-day work processes or when talking to patients. In addition, their intuitive operation is also convincing. This is important because we have several different people operating the devices. With the IDEAL air purifiers, we can make a positive contribution to the well-being of our patients and employees. The indoor climate has been much better since then.

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