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Document shredders don’t just destroy paper, they are an indispensable tool for companies, institutions and private users to protect sensitive data. Because gaps in data protection occur every day and can be found everywhere. If, for example, confidential customer information, business papers, patient files or old credit cards are carelessly thrown into the trash and later land in the public garbage can, enormous dangers lurk through data misuse and industrial espionage. This is often associated with considerable economic damage, claims for damages and even the personal liability of the management. You can counter these threats effectively by purchasing an IDEAL document shredder.

What should I pay attention to when buying a new paper shredder?

The boundaries between the individual model groups are often fluid. Selection criteria for a needs-based document shredder selection are, for example:

– Type and quantity of documents

– Location (central or decentralized use)

– Desired security level (protection class) according to DIN 66399

– Determination of the working width based on the paper formats to be processed

– Desired or required sheet capacity

– Place of the Shredder

Whether it is a desk device or a high-volume shredder – IDEAL document shredders have established themselves as real superheroes for data protection. They convince with top values ​​for performance, safety and reliability – in short with top quality “Made in Germany”. IDEAL underlines this promise of quality by not only granting a 2-year guarantee on selected models since the beginning of 2021 but by extending this to five years on request. With an IDEAL document shredder, you are on the safe side in terms of data protection – and the super carefree feeling is included.

Super carefree – with the 5-year guarantee

Thanks to the extended warranty, any repair costs are no longer an issue for a long time. The end customer only has to purchase this when purchasing the respective IDEAL document shredder model. To date, IDEAL has granted a two-year guarantee for every document shredder from its wide range, starting with the purchase of the device.

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