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Air purifier help in the fight against viruses and bacteria

IDEAL air purifier reduces the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the room air.

What are viruses?
Viruses are infectious particles, not cells. They are not independent living beings that can reproduce themselves. Viruses depend on a host cell and without it are not able to spread or even survive.

What are bacterial?
Bacterial are living beings that consist of only one cell. This contains everything necessary for life, i.e. genetic material and cell machines. They can use it to produce proteins and supply themself with energy.

They are so small that only a microscope makes them visible. That is why they are called microorganisms. Bacteria and viruses can be found everywhere. Both multiply very quickly and can cause disease. Otherwise, they don’t have much in common.

How long do bacteria and viruses survive outside of the human body?
Certain cold viruses can survive on surfaces in rooms for a maximum of seven days.
The decisive factor is the surface on which they are deposited. Both need moisture to survive. The air humidity and the humidity on surfaces in offices and private rooms determine the lifespan of bacteria and viruses outside the human body.
In the case of a cold, viruses often act as precursors for bacteria. If the human body is already weakened, viruses can implant themselves more easily and lead to pneumonia.

Medical examinations can determine whether there is a virus infection or whether bacteria have already established themselves and the correct medication administered.

An IDEAL air purifier is good for you and the environment since the filters do not contain paper. Our filter technology does not require chemicals to prevent germs from forming. Air purifiers from IDEAL are therefore absolutely hygienic and safe. The energy-efficient filter design made in Germany makes our air purifiers durable and economical.


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