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Drive in Peace with a Reliable Car Air Purifier

A car air purifier in Singapore makes the interior of your vehicle pure and free from pollutants.

Did you know that the air in your house and workplace is actually five times better than the air inside your car? Despite being invisible, the air in your car nonetheless contains a variety of airborne pollutants. Having an air freshener is insufficient because it only injects artificial odour into the air but does not remove the impurities. For improved breathing when driving or travelling, you need something that will actively eliminate germs and bacteria from the indoor air. A car air purifier might help in this situation. This appliance is made to purify the air in compact, enclosed environments, such as cars.

Whether you are in your home or the car, breathing clean air is something that you want every time. And this is why car air purifiers are such a hit among car owners. These car air purifiers can either be fitted into cup or bottle holders. Made using modern technology, their car air purifier is appreciated for its superior performance, appealing design, and compact size. These car purifiers ensure to eliminate pollutants and harmful elements inside your vehicle.

The car air purifier release, negative ions that are expelled into the car where they are attached to the positively charged virus, bacteria, dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, odour, pet dander, chemical, and others to form larger particles. Hence, it is easier for us to get rid of them.

The 360° High-Efficient HEPA filter removes 99.99%, 0.01 micron of air pollutants in the car. The 360° filter is designed for optimum airflow. With its high concentration of activated carbon, it can absorb dangerous chemicals, odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The NeoAir MINI Car Air Purifier eliminates pollutants such as vehicle exhaust, smoke, formaldehyde, TVOC, methylbenzene, PM2.5, bacterial, odour, mould and haze.


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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Neosys
Country of Origin Neosys
Item model number Neosys

Additional Information

Rated voltage DC10-15V, 300-500mA
Filter HEPA
Anion Concentration 5 million/cm³
Product Size 74x74x170mm
App area Car air purifier
Net Weight 250gm
CADR 8m³/h

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A car air purifier in Singapore has features and components that help them combat dust, bacteria, allergens, pollutants, and other harmful smells that affect your quality of breathing. Not only that, but you can expect them to maintain the smooth flow of air inside the car and experience health benefits.
Operating a car air purifier in Singapore is fairly easy for everyone, and there should be no worries. First, turn the unit on with one press of a button. Expect a light, or even a sound, depending on the model, that indicates they are already working. There are also other buttons for additional features you might need.
A car air purifier in Singapore cleans the air in your immediate surroundings, but its power has limits too. First, if there is a removable filter, follow the appropriate cleaning instructions to help you maintain the quality of the device. Second, if the unit is a bit different from that, take them to the service centre for cleaning.
The standard lifespan for a car air purifier filter in Singapore is between six months to one year. However, people have different environments and usage practices, so you need to make sure to take it to the nearest service centre if there are already issues or do some proper troubleshooting techniques.

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