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Laminating & Foil fusing in one box

Easy setting, intuitive operation: Foilglazer has a feeder that can be unfolded. This makes film setting and regular maintenance easy. The touch screen control is very intuitive to operate.

Automatic air suction feeding: Thanks to Uchida’s air suction feeding technology, Foilglazer can feed a wide variety of prints consistently. The feeder can take substrates from 110gsm to 400gsm in weight.

Enhance your productivity: The maximum driving speed of the Foilglazer is 5m/min. Thanks with the automatic film cutting mechanism, operator can walk away once the machine is started.


Uchida Foil Glazer
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Technical Specifications

Main Features

Functions: Laminating and foilglazing (foil fusing)

Feedable paper size: Laminating: 297(W)x210(L) – 365(W)x600(L) mm, Foilglazing: 148(W)x210(L) – 365(W)x600(L) mm

Paperweight: 110 – 400 gsm*

Paper quality: Coater paper, Art paper, Fine quality paper etc.

*Please validate some sheets to check the results before production.

Feeding mechanism: Upper belt air suction feed + blower

Operation: 4.3″ color touch screen, Inching switch (forward/backward), Pressure roller lifting lever, Emergency button

Feed tray capacity: 50mm

Delivery speed: Laminating: 5m/min, Foilglazing: 3m/min.

Usable film: (Laminating)Width: 200 – 340mm, Outer diameter: Up to 200mm, Thickness: 20 – 45 micron, Core diameter: 2 inch (58mm)

Usable film: (Foilglazing)Width: 320mm, Outer diameter: Up to 200mm, Core diameter: 1 inch (26mm)

Laminating method: Heat roller + halogen heater

Warm up time: less than 10 min.

Roller temperature: Off / 80 – 160 °C

Roller pressure: Pneumatic

Required compressor: Discharge amount more than 5.0L/min, Tank capacity more then 5.0L, Tube diameter 6mm, Minimum pressure 0.6MPa

Separation method: Burst cutting

Dimensions: Main body: 582(W)x621(D)x535(H) mm

With feed tray and stacker: 1,717(W)x621(D)x535(H) mm

With machine table: 1,717(W)x621(D)x1,206(H) mm

Weight: Complete package: 85 kgs

Power source: 100-120VAC or 220-240VAC 50/60Hz, single phase

Power consumption: 1,500W

Options: Machine table, Ultrasonic double feed sensor, Dust removal roller, Side blowers for feeder, Laminating film slitter

*Production rates are based on optimal operating conditions and may very depending on stock and environmental

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