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Despite the digitisation of our world, paper remains an essential part of the workplace, and by extension, so are paper shredders. Then, there are regular and heavy-duty paper shredders; the former being more extensively and commonly used in regular offices, and the latter being used in offices with specific paper-related demands. How then, can you discern if your workplace requires a heavy duty shredder machine in Singapore compared to a regular one? Here are some considerations to help you determine if a heavy-duty shredder is necessary.

Large Volumes of Paper to be Shredded Daily

Large Volumes of Paper to be Shredded Daily


A heavy-duty office shredder machine in Singapore does what its namesake suggests — heavy-duty shredding work. If your business requires a large volume of paper to be shredded daily, a regular paper shredder just isn’t going to cut it, as you run the risk of overworking its motors and wearing it out more quickly. On the other hand, a heavy-duty shredder machine in Singapore can handle much larger loads, making shredding less of a never-ending chore and more of an efficient and effortless part of your business.

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You’re Required to Shred More Than Just Paper

You are Required to Shred More Than Just Paper-office shredder machine in Singapore


In today’s modern business, sensitive information isn’t just found on paper, but also  flash disks, CDs, employee cards, credit cards, and so on. If you’re looking to destroy these items, you’ll be pleased to know that a heavy-duty office shredder machine in Singapore is capable of doing just that. These shredders can easily cut through the plastic material, crushing them into tiny, unrecoverable pieces.

Many People Use the Shredder

Many People Use the Shredder-heavy-duty shredder machine in Singapore


If the nature of your business requires many employees to use a paper shredder, it could be more prudent to invest in a heavy-duty shredder machine in Singapore instead of buying several regular ones. As a heavy-duty shredder can quickly shred large volumes of paper at once, the shredding process will be much faster, and users won’t have to stand in line longer than they should. Alternatively, the paper stack could be accumulated, with a designated person in charge of shredding and clearing the load after a certain threshold. Either way, it’s more efficient and helps you save a little extra money.

Shredding on a Tight Schedule

Shredding on a Tight Schedule-office shredder machine in Singapore


Typically, the shredding motor of a regular paper shredder needs to be rested after prolonged usage to prevent overheating, wear and tear, and other mechanical issues that may arise. These are all common issues amongst low-capacity paper shredders. A heavy-duty office shredder machine in Singapore, however, can provide a much longer run time, which is incredibly helpful when you’re trying to shred paper and other documents during a time crunch. This will invariably boost office productivity.

If you’ve decided that a heavy-duty shredder is just what your business needs, check out Neosys for an extensive catalogue of high-quality, high-intensity heavy duty office shredders. Give your business the extra productivity it deserves and check out our website for more information about our range of shredders.

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