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There’s something cathartic about shredding documents, watching your stack of unwanted paper slowly dwindle as it disappears into the jaws of your document shredder. It is also a great way to effectively destroy confidential documents and declutter the office. Like many other office appliances, you’ll want to keep the shredder in good condition for a long time to maximise the investments made into your office. The good news is that there are ways to maintain your office shredding machine in Singapore and improve its longevity. Here are a few examples.

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Create an Office Schedule to Empty the Shredder

Create an Office Schedule to Empty the Shredder-Document shredder

Emptying the document shredder bin often feels like a tedious chore, especially where there’s work to be done. However, a buildup of paper shreds in a full bin could cause issues like jamming and paper dust sticking to the cutters, making it increasingly difficult to shred paper in the long run. To prevent that, we recommend using the correct bag size whilst having a regular schedule to empty the shredding bins at least once a month, even if they’re not full. 

Lubricate the Shredder with Oil

Lubricate the Shredder with Oil-Document shredder

Source: Bonsaii Paper Shredder Lubricant Oil, 12 Oz Bottle on Galleon

One of the most common maintenance tips for all kinds of shredders is to regularly lubricate the cutters. Without proper lubrication, your shredding machine in Singapore could overheat if left running for long periods. of time. You may either run a wax paper through the shredder to oil it, or apply oil on a piece of paper in a zigzagging pattern imitating the shape of the cutters, and then shred it — as the cutters tear the paper, the oil will coat the surface. A well-oiled document shredder is quieter, runs more smoothly, and doesn’t overwork the motors.

Clear Remnants of Paper with Tweezers or Pliers

Clear Remnants of Paper with Tweezers or Pliers-Document shredder

Source: DIN 66399 Paper Shredder Security Levels –

Paper shredders typically require frequent cleaning as paper strips and dust particles tend to build up around the cutters over time, causing a paper jams if left uncleaned. To do so, turn the document shredder off, unplug it, and open up the machine case to expose the blades. After which, carefully run a brush through the cutters whilst paying careful attention to the blades so you don’t cut yourself. For your own safety, we recommend using tweezers or pliers to remove the paper strips from the cutter. However, if you’re not comfortable doing it on your own, you might want to get help from a technician instead.

Avoid Folding Papers before Feeding the Shredder

Avoid Folding Papers before Feeding the Shredder-Document shredder

Your shredding machine in Singapore has a paper capacity and going beyond that can easily result in paper jamming or a breakdown of the cutter cylinders. Additionally, running the shredder at full capacity all the time will also wear down the motors more quickly. Besides refraining from overstuffing the shredder, you should also avoid folding papers before slipping themit into the shredder even if you’re well below the paper capacity as this also causes unnecessary strain to the shredder.

Run the Shredder in Reverse Occasionally

Run the Shredder in Reverse Occasionally-Document shredder

Running your document shredder in reverse every once in a while, also known as back-flushing, helps remove more shredded debris from the blades and reduces the chances of paper jams whilst improving the shredding power. Before doing so, always ensure that the shredding basket isn’t full; and empty it if needed. To further increase its efficacy, we recommend oiling the cutters after running the shredder in reverse. 

Let it Cool down for 30 Minutes after 30 Minutes of Usage

Let it Cool down for 30 Minutes after 30 Minutes of Usage-Document shredder

Source: Your Business (

Every shredding machine in Singapore has a maximum run -time before it needs to cool down to prevent its motors from overheating. In fact, some Some commercial shredders even have an automatic shutdown function to avoid that scenario. To find out just how much time your shredder needs to cool down, check the manufacturer’s recommendation. A general rule of thumb is to let the shredder cool down for 30 minutes after using it for the same duration.

Maintenance and high-quality shredders go hand in hand, and good maintenance alone can’t guarantee a long-lasting shredder if the shredder itself isn’t durable enough to begin with. With that in mind, check out Neosys’ range of sturdy and reliable shredders for various materials. More information can be found on our website.

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