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Choosing the Right Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder for Your Business

Although we’re well into the digital age, paperwork is still a core part of many businesses. This includes sensitive documents that need to be shredded regularly. It goes without saying that ensuring the secure destruction and disposal of these documents with a reliable heavy-duty paper shredder is paramount, not just for preventing information theft, but also to maintain a smooth and seamless shredding process with every use. That’s why choosing the right paper shredder machine is so important while taking into account several essential considerations. Here are some of them.

Shredding Needs

A Stack of Documents

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Before you race off to purchase the biggest, meanest shredder machine, you should probably first assess the type and volume of shredding that your business undertakes regularly. Heavy-duty paper shredders, for instance, are better suited for organisations dealing with large quantities of documents as these shredders are highly efficient and reduce the need for the frequent emptying of the shredder bin.

The types of materials your business shreds matter, too. Some heavy-duty paper shredders can also handle materials like credit cards, CDs, and DVDs. Knowing the variety of materials your business deals with will help narrow down your options and allow you to choose the most suitable paper shredder machine to meet your specific requirements.

Shredder Capacity

A Person Feeding Paper Into a Paper Shredder

Shredder capacity is another crucial factor as it directly impacts efficiency and time management. This capacity is typically measured in terms of sheets per pass, indicating how many sheets of paper the shredder machine can be fed in one go. Naturally, a higher capacity translates to faster shredding, reducing the time required to destroy a large amount of documents.

If you’re interested in our range of paper shredder machines, you may also glean the specs of each model on our website, including shredder capacity. We recommend choosing a shredder machine with a capacity that aligns with your business’ document disposal needs to ensure optimal performance.

Security Levels

Micro-Cut Paper Shreds

Considering the standard content of documents that require shredding, security should be a priority when choosing a heavy-duty paper shredder. These shredders are available in various security levels, determined by the type of cut they produce—strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut.

Strip-Cut Shredders: These produce long strips and are suitable for basic security needs.

Cross-Cut Shredders: These create smaller, confetti-like pieces, enhancing security compared to strip-cut shredders.

Micro-Cut Shredders: These provide the highest level of security, turning documents into tiny particles that are nearly impossible to reconstruct.

While we understand the desire to default to a shredder machine with the highest security level, it might be advisable to tailor your choice to your business’ security requirements instead. Here at Neosys, our heavy-duty paper shredders come with different security features, allowing you to decide what works best for your business.

Noise Levels

Someone Affected By Noise In The Office

Some paper shredder machines can be loud, and as a result, disrupt an otherwise peaceful and conducive working environment. To minimise the impact your heavy-duty paper shredder may have in your office, look for models designed with noise-reduction features. 

Browse our website’s shredder machine catalogue and you will also find helpful information, including noise levels for each model. Choosing one with lower noise levels could help maintain a comfortable and productive working environment.

Jam Prevention and Auto-Reverse

A Paper Jam In A Shredder

Paper jams can be a common frustration when using a shredding machine, especially with heavy-duty models where you’re more likely to feed larger quantities of documents. To mitigate this issue, we recommend looking for heavy-duty paper shredders that come with jam prevention and auto-reverse features.

These features help prevent jams by automatically reversing the shredding mechanism if the paper shredder machine detects an impending blockage, ensuring a relatively smooth process. Even in the event of a blockage, clearing it will also be hassle-free, minimising downtime and optimising efficiency.

Safety Features

Depicting A Safe And Smooth Paper Shredding Process

Safety in the workplace is rightfully at the forefront of every business as it is a non-negotiable requirement. When choosing a heavy-duty paper shredder, consider the safety features it offers by looking for models with locks, auto-shutoff mechanisms, and sensors that can detect the proximity of fingers near the paper entry slot. These features help minimise the risk of accidents, ensuring a secure working environment.

Learn More: Paper Shredder Safety: Precautions for Accident-Free Operation

Here at Neosys, we recognise the importance of safety when operating machinery, and our paper shredders reflect that commitment through the various safety features that they come with.

Paper shredding is often a tedious chore, but with our range of shredding machines, it doesn’t have to be. For more information about how our heavy-duty paper shredders can improve productivity, security, and efficiency, please contact us today.

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