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For as long as we can remember, paper shredder machines have always been an essential part of places like homes and offices that store sensitive physical documents. However, like most machinery that includes sharp objects and moving parts, shredder machines also come with their fair share of risks if they are not operated with caution. In order to minimise these risks and maintain a secure working environment, here are some key safety precautions that you should follow. 

Read the Manual

Read the Manual

Every paper shredder machine comes with a user manual, which comprehensively covers valuable information about the manufacturer’s guidelines, model specifications, operating instructions, safety precautions, and maintenance guidelines. It’s easy to neglect the manual, especially if you’re already familiar with shredder machines, but we’d always recommend taking some time to read it through, as varying models even from the same brand are made differently. Foregoing the manual could jeopardise your safety and hinder the optimal performance of the paper shredder machine.

If you’re using a Neosys shredder machine, you may also visit our product page to find easily accessible e-manuals to keep you up to date with the latest information and guidelines.

Choose a Suitable Location

Image of a Paper Shredder

The importance of selecting an appropriate location for your paper shredder machine cannot be overstated. What is an appropriate location? A good example of this would be a well-ventilated area with sufficient space around the shredder machine to prevent overheating. Additionally, avoid placing it near flammable materials, as the heat generated during operation could pose a potential fire hazard.

Paper shredder machines also tend to be loud, so place them strategically to minimise disruptions and maintain a conducive working environment for everyone. This is especially important in shared workspaces.

Clear Workspace

A Cluttered Workspace

Maintaining a clutter-free workspace is not only essential for efficiency, but also for safety. Before using the paper shredder machine, ensure that the area is free from loose papers, cables, or any other potential obstructions. A clear workspace minimises the risk of accidental jams, allowing you to operate the shredder machine smoothly.

In addition, you should also regularly inspect the shredder machine’s feed opening for any foreign objects, such as staple bullets and paperclips, that might have inadvertently found their way into the machine. Removing such items beforehand could help prevent damage to the shredder blades and motor.

Avoid Overloading

An Overloaded Paper Shredder

Modern paper shredder machines have evolved to be able to take heavier loads of paper at once, but it is still crucial to adhere to their recommended sheet capacity. Overloading the shredder isn’t just counterproductive, but it could also lead to overheating and potential breakdowns. Most shredder machines come with a clear indication of their sheet capacity, so be sure to pay attention and stay within the specified limits.

If you’re required to process large volumes of paper on a regular basis, consider investing in a heavy-duty paper shredder machine that can handle the workload efficiently. Here at Neosys, we offer a variety of shredder machines suitable for different capacities.

Shredder Maintenance

Someone Oiling a Paper Shredder

Source: Iron Shield Security

All machinery requires regular maintenance, and the paper shredder machine is no different. Doing so is key to prolonging the lifespan of your shredder machine and ensuring its continued safety and efficiency. Follow the maintenance guidelines provided in the user manual, including routine cleaning and oiling of the shredder blades. Proper lubrication reduces friction, minimises wear and tear, and prevents the shredder from overheating.

To facilitate the maintenance of our paper shredder machines, Neosys offers a range of relevant accessories, including shredder oil, which you can incorporate into your maintenance procedure.


Even the most meticulous care can’t guarantee that your paper shredder machine will be completely free of issues. This is why you should familiarise yourself with troubleshooting techniques to save time and prevent further damage should you ever encounter such hiccups. For instance, if there’s a paper jam, switch off the shredder and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for clearing it. Never attempt to force paper into the shredder or use sharp objects to remove jams, as this may lead to injuries.

In the event that troubleshooting proves insufficient to resolve the issue at hand, do not hesitate to contact customer service support for assistance. Reputable brands like Neosys will have a dedicated team on standby to help resolve any issues that may arise. 

Get the best of both worlds—both in terms of cutting-edge paper shredder machines and professional troubleshooting assistance—with Neosys today. For more information about our paper shredders, please contact us.

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