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High performance paper drill for heavy office use or graphic applications

Do you have large quantities of papers which require drilling of round holes? SPC’s FP-III-100-NT paper drilling machine is the best selling equipment to do this job. It has been developed based on 25 years of experience and is built in a combinable unit system. This drilling machine can bore through a 100mm thick stack of paper in less than 1-3 seconds.

* Long-lasting replaceable High-Tech hollow drill bits
* Powerful & vibrationless drilling with specially designed motor
* Anti-overheat sensor installed
* Continuous multi-hole drilling with universal stop gauge
* Universal paper stop bar installed for multi holes drilling
* Specially designed sharpener attached for drill bit resharpening
* Drill bit replacement easily done
* Easy punching


Electric paper drilling machine
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Technical Data

  • Type – Desktop
  • Drilling system – Semi-automatic Electric
  • Number of head – 1
  • Maximum drilling thickness – 100mm (1000 sheets 75gsm paper)
  • Drill bit sizes – 3.00mm to 9.00mm
  • Paper carriage – Manual (Table moving)
  • Back margin – 5-50mm
  • Maximum paper size – 420mm (A3 size longitudinal)
  • Drilling pattern – Multiple holes (Selectable by pre-programmed pitch bar)
  • Table size (WxD) – 460x300mm
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) – 500x500x595mm
  • Power source – 230V, 50Hz
  • Power consumption – 184W
  • Net weight – 33kg
  • Safety standard – GE (230VAC machine only)

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