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Why choose Quadient Impress Cloud for managing statements?

Quadient Impress Cloud enables you to personalize content and advertising captions included on e-statement to optimize response rates and reduce time to send out. Create high-value E-Statements by leveraging on historical data to present year-over-year statistics and save cost.

Share offline statements with mobile apps and web portals to provide attractive, online documents that allow your customers to analyze their statements through interactive graphs, chart and tables.


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Quadient Impress Cloud automates e-statements output while saving you time and money

The Quadient Impress Cloud solution enables enterprises to ensure communication security and integrity, bringing reduced cost and increased flexibility of communication with customers, suppliers and employees. Quadient’s team of skilled professionals has real experience in enterprise communication processes. They will understand your current process; assist with identifying areas that can be improved; and define solutions to ensure maximum benefit is achieved.

Quadient Impress Cloud gives you the flexibility to re-engineer or enrich your existing print streams to optimize document production and maximize postal savings. Quadient Impress Cloud is designed to be easy and intuitive. And of course, an environmentally friendly solution.

Easy to use and configure
User-friendly Graphical User Interface
Helps organizations to respond rapidly to changing business conditions and requirements
Supports standard PDF input

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