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Output Management Software Impress Cloud

Eliminate the need to mail our paper statements and safe the enviroment Quadient Impress Cloud gives you complete control over your customer communications processes. It’s all that you need to create compelling, personalized documents.
A state of art dimensional scale that is ideal for a Small to Medium Business and Service Providers. The easy to use scale measures a package in seconds and saves your business valuable resource time.
Compact office folding machines for four fold types and stream delivery paper ejection
- Suitable for A4 or 12" formats (smallest paper size 100 mm x 105 mm) - Paper weights 60 gsm to 120 gsm - Fold speed 115 sheets per minute
Well engineered entry-level paper folder
- Standard mode: 2,400 / 6,000 / 10,800 sheets/hr (single folding of A4 size stock) - Quick mode: 14,400 sheets/hr - Paper quality: 46.5 -140 gsm (single fold: up to 210gsm *depending on paper type
A top selling quality paper folder is now improved
- Standard mode: 2,400 / 6,000 / 10,800 sheets/hr (single folding of A4 size stock) - Paper quality: 46.5 -140 gsm (single fold: up to 210gsm *depending on paper type - Paper stacking capacity:500 sheets (64gsm)
Easy to use and fully designed with memory function up to 36 fold types
- Folding position setting: Automatic - Speed: 1,800 – 14,400 sheets/hr - Options: Perforation, scoring, slitter
AeroFold can fold up to SRA3 size of various types of paper equipped with suction feed
- Folding speed: 2,500 to 15,000 sheets/hr - Minimum Paper weight: 52.3 gsm - Automatic paper size detection: A3, A4, A5, B4 and B5
MORGANA AutoFold Pro - Professional Card Folding Machine
- Speed: 6240 sheets per hour - Sheet weight: Up to 0.4mm (approx 400gsm) including laminated material - Sheet size: 630mm x 385mm* *Max sheet size depends on fold type
The Labeing Machine AS-710 Versatile addressing & graphics envelope printing
- Overprint up to 14000 envelopes per hour - No need to apply labels - Easy to install with “Plug’n’Play” software
The Label Maker AS-930 your fast and very easy to use Addressing System
- Print resolution: Up to 600 dpi - Print speed: Up to 39,000 postcards/hr, up to 26,000 DL env/hr - Print area: 9 lines (38 x 500 mm)
The master piece for personalized mail & direct marketing campaigns
- Print resolution: up to 1600 x 1600 dpi - Print speed: up to 3,600 pages/hr and up to 7,500 DL envelopes/hr. - Print area Up to 215 x 431 mm with full bleed capability
The most ecomomical Desktop Pressure Sealer Machine
- Speed 2,000 forms per hour (A4) - Input Tray Up to 150 forms (100gsm) - Fold Setting Z, C, V, Double, 14” uneven Z
Most user-friendly and simple impulse sealing machine
- Speed 4,200 sheets per hour - Duty Cycle 50,000 sheets per month - Paper Weight 60-120gsm
Dependable and reliable Mid-range Desktop Pressure Sealer
- Speed 7,200 sheets per hour - Duty Cycle 125,000 forms per month - Input Tray Up to 1,400 sheets
Advance feeding technology for high volume applications
- Speed Up to 9,000 sheets per hour (adjustable speed) - Duty Cycle 300,000 sheets per month - Input Tray Up to 1,400 sheets
The most advanced heavy duty heat impulse sealer
- Speed Up to 13,000 sheets per hour (adjustable speed) - Duty Cycle 400,000 sheets per month - Input tray Up to 2,500 sheets
Highly intelligent print-to-mail impulse heat sealer
- Speed 3,720 sheets per hour - Duty Cycle 50,000 sheets per month - Input Tray Compatible with printers up to 62ppm
Heavy duty and highly intelligent print-to-mail Automatic Sealing Machine
- Speed 3,720 sheets per hour (62ppm) - Duty Cycle 275,000 sheets per month (without printer) - Input Tray 2,500 sheets
Do all printing, folding and sealing processes in one go!!
- Speed Up to 7,200 forms per hour(A4) (up to 120ppm printer) - Duty Cycle 500,000 per month (without printer) - Printer Compatibility KONICA MINOLTA, RICOH etc(high speed printers)
Do all printing, folding and sealing processes in one go!!
- Speed at 16,500 seals an hour
- Connect with RISO High Speed printer
- Changing on template and design is no longer an issue
Flexible & Powerful Multichannel Output Management Software OMS-500 gives you complete control over your customer communications processes. It’s all that you need to create compelling, personalized documents and deliver them to the right person, at the right time.
Automatically fold, insert and seal up to 3,000 envelopes per month
Imagine you could assemble 1,000 pieces of mail in under an hour. Folded, stuffed, sealed, metered and out the door in very little time.
Automate your document processing with an intuitive, flexible folder-inserter
At speeds of up to 2,500 envelopes per hour, the DS-64i folding inserting system has the technology needed to efficiently prepare your business mailings.
Every user will love it EASY-TO-USE saving valuable time
Are you working in an environment where mail matters and response time is key? The DS-77iQ envelope stuffer system is the ideal productivity tool for any office or mailroom environment thanks to its unique low noise level and compact footprint.
Compact mailroom assistant for mid-high mail volume
The DS-85i Folder Inserter is a powerful machine that can adapt to your growing business needs. With its modular design, your investment is protected.
Highly Productive, Versatile & Intelligent
The DS-95i folder inserter machine is the ultimate mid-range machine for your inserting needs. Extensive features such as powerFold and flexFeed technology combine with a modular design to bring your unmatched levels of productivity and flexibility.
Fold and insert up to 180,000 envelopes per month
Quickly assemble your invoices and include personalized inserts using the double insert feeder. DS-180i modularity assures that your equipment investment is cost effective today and into the future.
The New Standard in Mail Production
The DS-700iQ IMOS operating system delivers full mail piece integrity. Each feeder calibrates the first document fed and checks each subsequent document to ensure there are no double feeds.
Flexible, Completely Automated Production Mail Solution
OMS, AIMS and IMOS work seamlessly together to meet all your business' critical communications requirements. Neopost OMS solutions can be implemented with limited or no IT resources.
Postage mailing machines for growing businesses, pack with powerful technology.
The Neopost IS-280 is the perfect stamping machine for up and coming businesses, offering sophisticated features in a compact package.
Convenient, Smart and Friendly For Growing Businesses. Growing businesses count on innovative productivity tools to keep their offices running smoothly. Neopost’s IS-350 professional franking system makes it simple to weigh, frank and send your mail.
Fast, efficient and flexible mail processing system to enhance communications. Easy to operate and convenient to use, this postage meter machine with whisper-quiet operations is fast and efficient. Plus, with the shortest boundary dimensions in its category, you’ll appreciate the sleek ergonomic design that easily integrates into your business environment.
Record the progress of each mail piece as it is processed
The AIMS solution seamlessly integrates to the data logging and statistical functions of Neopost’s production folder inserters using our Integrated Mail Operating System (IMOS).
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