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MORGANA AutoFold Pro - Professional Card Folding Machine

The AutoFold Pro is an automatic folding machine designed specifically for the professional digital or litho printer. It is a versatile folding unit when linked to a creasing machine, designed for folding digital stocks using our patented flying knife technology, developed to prevent the scuffing and marking on digital stocks, caused by folding using conventional methods. The AutoFold Pro is simply wheeled up to ANY creaser and the height of its vacuum feed conveyor is adjusted to the exit height of the creaser.



Morgana AutoFold Pro
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Technical Specifications

Morgana Autofold Pro

  • Speed: 6240 sheets per hour
  • Dimensions: L 1700mm x W 680mm x H 1220mm
  • Electrical: 240v 50/60hz
  • Sheet size: 630mm x 385mm*
  • Sheet weight: Up to 0.4mm (approx 400gsm) including laminated material

*Max sheet size depends on fold type


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