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When you think of air cleaners in Singapore, you’d often picture a home, an office, or a shop fitted with one. It’s not common for one to envision small, non-stationary spaces like cars having an air purifier in them — perhaps due to the significantly smaller space cars have compared to homes, for instance; and the perceived redundancy to equip your car with one. Yet, as you will discover through this article, having a car air purifier in Singapore has its understated benefits as well.

Removes Odour

Car air purifier Singapore Removes Odour

It’s safe to say that no one likes having to put up with nasty odours, let alone in small, compact spaces like cars. However, the reality is that cars are prone to odours from various sources, from VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted from stored fuels and automotive components, or a less than considerate passenger who smokes like a chimney in the car. With a car purifier in Singapore installed in your car, you can effectively rid it of these unwanted odours, even if they are settled deep inside your cabin.

Gets Rid of Allergens

Car air purifier Singapore Gets Rid of Allergens

Allergens often come in minuscule forms, like dust mites, pollen, particles, and so on. They’re hard to spot and therefore harder to get rid of. The health issues that arise from failing to adequately cleanse your space of these particles are more pronounced in small spaces like cars, more so if you’re travelling with children and the elderly. This is where an air cleaner in Singapore can come in handy, as it can purify the air in your car from hard-to-spot allergen particles that would otherwise continue to cause allergic reactions to you and your passengers.

Reduces Excess Carbon Dioxide

Car air purifier Singapore Reduces Excess Carbon Dioxide

It’s common knowledge that we exhale carbon dioxide when we breathe, and without an outlet, the carbon dioxide accumulates and reduces the quality of air that we breathe in. Cars are prone to this as we often travel with the windows up, causing an increase in carbon dioxide concentration in the air. This leads to ailments like headaches, breathlessness, and nausea, when we spend a prolonged period in a car with poor air quality. Having a car air purifier in Singapore allows stale air to circulate through the purifier’s HEPA filter that cleanses the air and lowers its carbon dioxide levels, providing everyone in the car with fresher air.

Helps with Outdoor Pollution

Car air purifier Singapore Helps with Outdoor Pollution

Air in the car is circulated externally, and if the air around the car is poor, it affects the air you breathe inside the car as well. Unfortunately, this is often the case in Singapore with congested roads and heavy traffic a common sight, resulting in less than desirable air inside your car. Having a car air purifier in Singapore helps filter pollutants in the air your car takes in so you’re not inhaling invasive, illness-inducing particles.

Removes Potentially Harmful New Car Smell

Car air purifier Singapore Removes Potentially Harmful New Car Smell

One of the perks of buying a new car is the fresh scent it comes with when we first break into it, and we find ourselves wanting to retain that scent as long as possible. However, that iconic scent is made up of VOCs that emit said scent through a process called off-gassing — the release of a material that was previously stored in materials used to make the car. VOCs can also be found in glue, nail polish remover, and paint, just to give you an inkling of its potential harmfulness. A study has shown that inhaling excessive VOCs could exacerbate allergies. It is therefore important to use an air cleaner in Singapore inside your new car to rid it of the aforementioned smell and render it safe for use.

Reduce Airborne Contaminants Especially in Ride-sharing Vehicles

Car air purifier Singapore Reduce Airborne Contaminants Especially in Ride-sharing Vehicles

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us warier of shared spaces, and certainly, many of us have privately wondered if the Grab car we just took a ride in is clean, not from grime or dirt, but airborne contaminants, like Covid-19. This is perhaps why we’ve seen more Grab drivers installing a car purifier in Singapore in their cars, protecting themselves and their passengers by keeping the air inside the cabin clean and virtually virus-free. Even if you’re not picking up passengers from all over the country, it never hurts to be safe even in your private vehicle.

Travel with a peace of mind with our NeoAir car air purifier in Singapore. For more information about its features and specifications, please visit our website.

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