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The most productive and versatile digital finisher ever

The AeroCut X Pro is the top-end slitter/cutter/creaser featuring technologies and knowledge stored since the launch of the original AeroCut in 2009.

The revolutionary AeroCut Prime has been designed for all businesses and organisations that are printing and copying digitally but need to finish their jobs by cutting, slitting and creasing. All jobs, cutting, creasing and perforating are operated with a touch screen. This enables time-saving, no complicated setting and specific acknowledgement required. Japanese high-quality cutter, slitter and creaser can fulfil finishing results for all kinds of cards.

From designing, printing and finishing is now seamless with plug-in for Adobe Illustrator.


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The Fact Sheet

Slit, cross cut, crease, *perforate, *score, *slit-score

Feedable paper size
210(W)x210(L) – 370(W)x680(L) mm

Minimum finished size
55(W)x45(L) mm

Paper weight
120 – *400 gsm
*Depending on paper quality

7″ touch screen

Job memories
263 preset jobs
100 + 50 customized job memories

Feeding mechanism
Upper belt tri-suction feed (Patented)
Side blow
Skew adjustment
Side aligner
Double feed detection
Cut mark registration
Feed tray stacking capacity 100mm

Speed (Sheets/min.)
9x 21up business cards (SRA3)
14x 8up post cards (SRA3)
15x 4up greetings cards (SRA3)
21x 3 A3 leaflets + centre crease (SRA3)

1,177(W)x770(D)x1,050(H) mm

2,018(W)x770(D) mm

Net weight
260 kg

Power supply / Power consumption
100-120V or 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz
single phase, 400W

Belt conveyor delivery: 750mm length conveyor tray / finished product will be neatly delivered (included)
Cross part perforator unit: Enables the machine to perforate sheets across feeding direction. Both strike and partial perforation (included)
Jump perforation unit: Including 2 perfing wheels. Enables the machine to perforate sheets along feeding direction. Both full length and jump perforation (included)
Bar code reader: Adds the machine capability to read barcode for job changing and preventing contamination (included)
Plug-in software kit: Including LAN connector and plug-in software for Adobe Indesign. Allows operators to create perfect programs and bar codes for AeroCut on laptops and send them to the machine (included)
Business card slitter unit: Allows the machine to slit and cut 25up full-bleed business cards out of a SRA3 sheet (option)
Ionizer: Prevents double feeds and mis-feeds at feeding unit (option)
Standard delivery tray: standard delivery tray capable to stack finished products up to 680mm in length (option)

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