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NeoSmart LCD Billboard

Smart Digital LCD billboard is fast replacing traditional print communication. After all, there is no better substitute for visual messaging, especially when it’s executed perfectly. No matter which industry you belong to, digital signage can provide your business with the much-needed loyalty and recognition, while simultaneously enriching your customers’ experience and bottom-line results.

NeoSmart Billboard accepts any file format e.g.: JPEG, PNG & GIF (Raster image files). PPT, AI, PDF (Vector image files). It is as easy as operating a PC or TV. The benefit of NeoSmart Billboard is to increase your business’s visibility, deliver important messages, reduce the cost of advertising, gain more attention from the audience, promote your product & services, enhance your company’s image, the instant roll-out of advertisement (no printing required) and fast & attractive.

Why switch to digital signage? Basically, compared to the traditional means used for wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising, this digital signage allows for easier content creation. Almost all digital signage platforms have a control panel with built-in tools which allow advertisers to combine audio, video, image and interactivity easily by themselves.

The technologies being offered by NeoSmart are comprised of full high-definition quality, touch screen interactivity, and cloud technology content management. The interactivity of this mode allows end-users to interact with the displayed digital content by means of a touch screen and other interactive tools. This in turn makes the digital design ideal for public information, internal information and menu information, advertising, brand building, influencing the behaviour of customers, enhancing customer experience, enhancing the environment, and can even be used in fashion store dressing room.



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Key Features

Basic and Advanced Features

  • High-definition LCD – image display 1920 x 1080
  • Aluminium alloy frame – water-proof & corrosion resistant
  • Touch screen – improves accessibility
  • 4mm explosion-proof – full tempered glass
  • 178-degree viewing angle – allows a wider view
  • Built with the speaker – for video ads
  • Solid metal base – for stability

Additional features

  • Update software easily just like your smartphone
  • The screen scale can easily be adjusted accordingly
  • Easy and user-friendly android operating system
  • Information can be easily stored and managed
  • Display images and videos

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