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Fully automated, ultra-reliable sheet cutting and creasing for packaging, point of sale and kiss cut labels

A revolutionary new type of automated cutter blending flatbed and sheet-fed technologies!

Perfect for digitally die-cutting packaging, P.O.S. and lightweight card projects – as well as kiss-cutting sheet labels – the all-new ColorCut SC6500 is a compact “on-demand digital sheet cutter with no physical dies or time-consuming setup costs.

Furthermore, ColorCut Pro enables your jobs to be exported to a USB stick for cutting in a Held Mode (or at a remote location), so any operator can run their jobs directly from a USB drive with no PC connection required! Simply wheel the cutter to any point of your production environment, plug it into a mains outlet, load it with media, insert your USB stick and click SCAN on the 7” touch screen to begin!



Cutting & Creasing
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Market Leading Features

SC6500 Auto Sheet-fed Digital-Die Cutter

No dies required!

QR code job recognition, enables mixed jobs to be processed effortlessly in the same stack!

Digitally cut, crease, perforate or kiss-cut absolutely any shape

2 modes of operation DIRECT: Use ColorCut Pro to create your cut files & cut directly

HELD: Send repeat jobs to USB storage, enabling you to remotely cut your jobs, anywhere there is a power outlet (No Wires)


•  Digitally cut any shape sheet card item – on up to 350 micron media.

•  No new software to learn. ColorCut Pro Production Studio software is supplied, as standard, enabling you to use Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW for your cut file creation.

•  Easy to use, ColorCut Pro automatically adds registration marks and QR codes to your Illustrator or CorelDRAW files.

•  High-capacity auto feeder (1,000 sheets) works in conjunction with air blade separation and automated jog function, to present every sheet perfectly for the cutter, every time.

•  Create a Job Library of up to 1 million unique jobs to cut either directly from your PC or untethered in HELD Mode.

•  Cut up to 340mm (13.38″) x 710mm (20.47″) A4, A3, SRA3 and custom sizes.

•  ColorCut Pro’s Ai capability can instantly retrieve cut files for every sheet. Load a mixed stack of jobs – even rotated sheets and the SC6500’s Ai enables you to cut one after the other, perfectly in a seamless and uninterrupted flow.

•  SmartMark registration delivers incredible accuracy – adjusting for scale, skew, rotation and adapting your cut lines automatically to fit your job.

•  Dual ‘Grip and Drive’ feed system enables the SC6500 to cut closer to your media edges by holding the media on both sides of the cutting head, during cutting.

•  The SC6500 uses a superior cutting underlay strip, to deliver an optimal surface for both cutthrough, creasing and kiss-cut.

•  ColorCut Pro’s ‘SmartTags’ functionality enables you to automatically add tags to your elements holding them into your media. Leaving a tidy and manageable stack of finished complete sheets in the catch tray.

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