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Large format manual rotary trimmer with professional features and 155 cm cutting length

Large format manual rotary trimmer with cutting lengths of 1550 mm and professional features | slotted side brackets for cutting oversized formats (unlimited cutting length) | suitable for cutting and trimming of blueprints, paper and foils, drawings, plans, photos, posters or similar large format digital printouts | smooth running safety cutting head with self sharpening rotary blade made from special hardened steel | counter blade made of stainless knife steel | automatic clamping system with transparent clamp bar | practical collection tray for trimmings | complete with sturdy metal stand | convenient paper roll holder available as an option (at an extra cost)



Paper Trimmers - IDEAL 0155
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Technical Data

IDEAL 0155
Cutting length 1550 mm
Cutting height max 0.8 mm
Table depth 295 mm
Table height 865 mm
Dimensions 940 x 1740 x 480 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 35 kg

Main features
Safety cutting head
Self sharpening rotary blade
Automatic clamping system
Paper collection tray Solid metal construction
Slotted side brackets for oversized formats


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