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Most of today’s society lives in a world filled with advertisements across all kinds of platforms, from the papers to the Internet. As a result, it’s important to produce content that captures what limited attention your target audiences have left after consuming similar content all day. While having modern advertising solutions, such as digital billboards, could help enhance your presence in the digital sphere, it’s perhaps even more important to have effective marketing strategies to maximise the capabilities of said billboards. Here are some tips and tricks to inspire you.

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Understand Your Audience

Understand Your Audience

The first lesson of Marketing 101 is understanding the importance of gaining a deeper understanding of your target audiences. This allows you to refine and curate the kind of content you’re putting out so that they stand a better chance of captivating your audience through your digital display signs. To do so, conduct  thorough market research and gather relevant demographic data to gain a deeper insight into your target audiences’ preferences, behaviours, and interests. If you’re targeting the youths today, for instance, ask yourself what their pain points are and how your products or services can address those pressing needs.

With a more profound understanding of your target audiences, you’ll then be able to create content that they can resonate with, resulting in a higher conversion rate. 

Keep It Simple and Clear

Keep It Simple and Clear

More often than not, digital billboards are viewed by people on the go, like when they’re walking or driving along the street and past your business. With such a limited window of opportunity to capture their attention, your message must be concise and easy to understand, which can be achieved through good copywriting, as well as the usage of bold fonts and high-contrast colours to enhance legibility. 

In the same vein, avoid cluttering your digital display sign with excessive text or overcomplicated visuals. Instead, focus on a single, compelling message that can be quickly internalised by your viewers, with a higher chance of leaving a lasting impression.

Focus on Strong Visuals

Focus on Strong Visuals

Given the immense visual capabilities of modern digital billboards, it’s no secret that creating visually attractive content is the best way to utilise them. Unfortunately, you will be jostling with hundreds of other businesses that are also using the same digital technology for their advertisements. To stand out from the crowd and make your brand seen and heard, invest in high-quality images, striking graphics, and bold colours.

Another consideration is to incorporate your brand’s colours and logo into your advertisements, as this builds brand recognition and awareness that can only be beneficial towards your conversion rate.

Optimise Content for Quick Viewing

OptimisationAs mentioned above, there’s a high likelihood that your viewers do not have a lot of time to admire the advertising handiwork on your digital billboard, so it’s vital to optimise your content for quick viewing. When you read a news article, you’ll want to have the main gist of the story at first glance, which is why you’ll often find it within the first paragraph. 

Similarly, when it comes to your advertisement, you should showcase the most important bits at the forefront, including your brand name, key message, and a clear call to action. This ensures that your primary message is easily digestible at first glance. As you capture your audience’s attention, you’ll then be able to flaunt your elaborate storytelling skills for the rest of the advertisement.

Embrace Animation and Motion

Embrace Animation and Motion
One of the biggest advantages that digital billboards have is the ability to include animation and motion graphics in your advertisements, both of which are powerful tools to capture your audiences’ attention and convey your messages in a dynamic way. As you incorporate subtle animations or transitions to enhance the visual appeal of your advertisement, it’s also important to avoid veering to the other extreme and overwhelm your viewers with excessive movement as it can be distracting and counterproductive.

When used correctly, motion and animation can help draw attention to key elements of your advertisement and make your content more engaging and memorable.

Explore the dynamic and enthralling world of digital advertising with Neosys’ high-quality digital display signs and billboards with modern capabilities to cater to a modern crowd. For more information about our products, contact us today.

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