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Bring clean air into your everyday life

The NeoAir 55 is equipped with a PM 2.5 reader on the display helps you to track PM 2.5 pollution level indoor. NeoAir’s purification system sense and capture 99.99% of ultrafine particles and pollutants then projects clean air throughout your whole room. When the PM 2.5 reader projects figure less than 12, your air quality is considered clean.

The highly effective multi-layer HEPA filters remove 99% of all particles up to 0.2 micrometres from the room air. They filter bacteria and viruses and significantly reduce their concentration, they also remove allergens, pollen, fine dust and chemicals as well as unpleasant smells.

This 7-stage air filter technology reliably removes pollutants and impurities such as fine dust, pollen and other airborne allergens, pathogens and mould spores, cigarette smoke, exhaust gases, chemical vapours and odours from the room air. And this with a cleaning performance of 99.99%. Also the MPPS (“Most Penetrating Particle Size”), the most difficult to separate particles with a size of up to 0.3 micrometres that can make you sick.



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Stages of Air Purification System

  1. Aluminium filter – Filter dust particles more than 5 micron
  2. Cold catalyst filter – Absorbing and decomposing formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC
  3. Activated carbon filter – Rapidly absorbing odour, decomposing formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and cigarette smoke
  4. Sterilizing filter – Eliminating floating dust particles, viruses and microorganism
  5. HEPA filter – Eliminating all particulate matters (PM) such as viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, and allergens
  6. Ultraviolet sterilization – Eliminating all particulate matters (PM) such as viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, and allergens
  7. Anion release – Improving air quality, multiple health care functions


Technical Data

Technical Specifications

  • Method of cleaning: Pre-filter, Cold Catalyst Filter, Cellular Activated Carbon Filter, High Efficient HEPA Filter, Sterilizing UV light & Anion release

  • Protection Function: Power off once the cover is opened plus child lock

  • Auto processing: Dust Sensor + Light Sensor + PM2.5 display + Filter change indicator

  • Rated power: 85W

  • Motor: Brushless DC motor

  • Product size: 400 x 230 x 640mm

  • Applicable area: 30 – 60 sqm

  • Net Weight: 11.3kg

  • CADR: 488m³/h

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