How to fold a letter and insert it very quickly

File Folder : Low Volume

Neopost Folder Inserters DS-35
Folder Inserters DS-35

The Easy-To-Use Desktop Folding and Inserting Machine

Now you don't need to spend hours folding & inserting your monthly invoices, account statements or other mail runs. Thanks to the compact, affordable...

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Neopost Document Folder DS-63
Document Folder DS-63

The envelope stuffing machine DS-63, Your mail management partner

The DS-63 document folder can be configured in several different ways and can be adapted to meet your every need. This versatility will...

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File Folder : Mid Volume

Neopost Envelope Stuffer DS-75
Envelope Stuffer DS-75i

Every user will love it EASY-TO-USE saving valuable time

Are you working in an environment where mail matters and response time is key? The DS-75i envelope stuffer system is the ideal...

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Neopost Letter Folding Machine DS-85
Letter Folding Machine DS-85

Compact mailroom assistant for mid-high mail volume

The DS-85 Folder Inserter is a powerful machine that can adapt to your growing business needs. With its modular design, your investment is...

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Neopost Mail Inserting Machine DS-90i
Mail Inserting Machine DS-90i

Highly Productive, Versatile & Intelligent

The DS-90 folder inserter machine is the ultimate mid-range machine for your inserting needs. Extensive features such as powerFold and...

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File Folder : High Volume

Neopost Letter Folder Machine DS-150
Letter Folding Machine DS-150 /180

Highly productive & modular envelope stuffer machine

Our automatic folder inserter machines enable you to easily create professional, top-quality mail pieces. The systems easily adapts to...

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High-End Production File Folder

Neopost Folder Inserters DS-1200 G3
Paper Folder DS-1200 G3

The intelligent high-performance mailing system that optimizes your stuffing envelope jobs

Comes standard with Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS-100) Real time internal control provides total mail security and closed loop tracking Time...
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Audit Trail & Production Control

AIMS - Automated Insertion Management System

Businesses today face a multitude of regulatory issues and customer demands to guarantee the integrity of sensitive business communications. Failure to meet...

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